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Donation for Amphan cyclone relief 

Super cyclone Amphan, which had hit the West Bengal coast with wind speed gusting up to 185 km per hour (kmph) around 2.30pm on Wednesday(May 20th, 2020) has left behind a trail of destruction at the cyclone-prone south Bengal, has not faced in many years. At least two districts – North 24 Parganas and South 24 Parganas -– have been severely impacted.

We are partnering with FEED(Food Education and Economic Development Society - to extend our help for relief work in South 24 Parganas. Past few days we have been constantly in touch with the FEED team and understood the depth of the field work this association is doing to help the people who need food and shelter.

While talking to them we understood the depth of the destruction occurred in the rural areas where people do not have shelter, food and places were flooded. FEED team has arranged a boat to reach out to these people and trying to arrange temporary shelter for them.

We also have past experience with this registered organization, and we know that all the contribution  done so far has been properly spend for development for people in need. This organization is transparent in terms of the donation spend on the development and the relief work.

We spoke to Mr Chandrashekhar Kundu(NGO President), Sr Technical Assistant at Asansol engineering college, West Bengal by profession. He provided below details for which they need immediate help and support.

  1. Daily community Kitchen for two times a day for 380+ people will cost approximately INR 11800 per day.

  2. Plastic Tripole(shade) 100 pcs will cost INR 850 each.

  3. Dry food(Chire-Flat rice and Batasa) will cost INR 9200.

BANF is requesting all of you to come forward as a community to offer our help to meet at least a few of their needs. You can also reach out to your friends and family members.

Hence, we are targeting to raise a fund of USD 3000. Please help us for this good cause by donating generously. Please put a comment  as "Donation for #Amphan" while giving the donation.



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